Marketing engagement and automation platform.

Customers should receive relevant offers via SMS, in-app and push messages, geofenced messages, and dynamic email. A platform with more data, automation, attribution, and delivery channels ensures that the right message is delivered the right way at the right time.


Attracting more subscribers increases your brand’s impact, and the platform enables customization of the subscription form. Track how each subscriber arrives by using codes for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Your website
“We Miss You” offer sent to guests resulted in an annual financial return of 10.9x investment
Campaigns and promotions

The redemption of one-to-one offers gives marketers a clear understanding of how promotions are performing. Engage your customers with:

  • Click-to-load coupons for attribution confirmation
  • Single- and multiuse coupons
  • Dynamic messages for maximum relevance and streamlined workflows

"Paytronix helps manage our loyalty program as well as our email platform. They’ve been so great with helping us target and control different campaigns, and it really helps to make everything more personalized.”

Rachel Robinson | Brand Manager for CPK

"I work closely with our technology consultants and data insights strategists daily to come up with strategies, communications, and messaging so that we can make sure we are providing the most relevant messages and offers to our customers.”

Michael Caldwell | Loyalty Manger for Yesway

Designed to provide a quick visual indication of results, Paytronix reporting also lets you dig deeper for details. Learn from metrics like:

  • Total spend on redemption checks
  • Eat ThruSM statistics
  • Cross-product redemption
  • Time to open
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